AUGP Series automatic water supply pump is an automatic water supply pressure system which is consisted of electric pump, pressure box, pressure switch and connection head. This system possesses the functions of keeping a certain pressure and adjusting the water lever. It is very suitable for using on water tower's water supply or residential district's water supply where several households water supply are requested.

   AUGP Series Automatic Pump 
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 AUDP Series Automatic Pump 
 AUDB Series Automatic Pump 

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Technical Data
Model Frame Power Max.
Pressure Switch
W HP on off
AUGP-125A 71 125 0.17 35 30 9 2850 25X25 0.8 1.5
AUGP-250A 71 250 0.33 40 35 9 2850 25X25 1.1 1.8
The normal power standard is 220V and 50Hz single phase, pump speed of 2900r/min, but others below can be available up on request:
Three Phase;
Dual voltage: 110/220V/60Hz etc.
Single phase of 230V, 240V or 127V, 110V, 115V